Engineers Inspection Report

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CGA Engineering Consultants Ltd provide Snag Lists and Engineers Inspection Report to prospective purchasers of new and second-hand properties. A Engineers Inspection Report is required as part of the process when purchasing a property and will inform the purchaser about the general condition of the property, any potential planning anomalies/restrictions and aim to answer the purchasers queries regarding the condition of the property prior to signing contracts. Our aim is to consult with our clients prior to the Engineers Inspection Report to understand any pressing concerns they have about the property they are purchasing and to support our clients to understand the findings of the Engineers Inspection Report once the survey has been completed.

Engineers Inspection Report Sample

Clients will often ask us for a visual report on the condition of a property before a purchase is made. It is important to note no invasive measures are carried out while these reports are being made. Please see our sample report here.

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Pre-Purchase Inspection Report services aren’t the only thing we offer. Our team is also able to advise in a number of areas. These include Planning Permission, Land Registry Maps and more. Discover some of these at the links below or give us a call to find out what else we can help with.

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